Michelle Rivera is a mother, artist, aspiring herbalist, tarot coach & green witch living in the south.

Michelle Rivera 2018

 A Brief History

Hi, I’m Michelle and this is my journey inward. There are so many facets of course, I don’t know where to begin. I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual and scientific. Growing up catholic, I cultivated a love for romantic ritual. I found my first book on pagan magick at a used book shop in Los Angeles and my older sister taught me about astrology and tarot when I was 13.

From a very young age I’ve been drawn to mythology, folklore, psychology, evolution, ritual and alchemy. I struggled horribly in school, rejecting the standard learning style & barely getting through the grades. When I graduated from high school, I quickly got a job, moved away from my family and began taking classes and absorbing as much information I could through books and essays. I also began to experiment with different art mediums including oil, watercolor, photography and performance.

I took many odd jobs including Disneyland costuming, barista, makeup artist, plus-size clothing retail, licensed organic esthetician, bikini waxer, tarot reader and more. In 2006 I met my now husband, Jeremy, and we immediately recognized each other from other timelines. We’ve been married since 2008 and have 2 children together.

In 2007 I started noticing my health problems. I got pneumonia twice in one year and kept contracting mystery illness’ where my body would ache all over and I’d have debilitating fatigue. I’d develop hives and my throat would close. I’d have to go to the emergency room to receive steroid shots and be put on antibiotics. I kept feeling sicker and sicker.

With no guidance, I began my journey inward. I picked up books by Louise Hay and Christiane Northrup MD. I began to connect the dots between trauma, trapped emotion, physical symptoms, endocrine disorders and sexual dysfunction. I kept reading and absorbed as much information as possible. I became a chronic dieter trying every protocol and supplement on the market! I saw psychics, energy healers, body worker, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, healers and herbalists. All of it helped.

These days, my family and I are living in the south. I’m a full-time mama, housekeeper, green witch and tarot advisor. I continue to read, learn, tune-in and stay conscious. I’ve committed my life to the present moment and continue to go deeper inside. This is where I’ll write about things. Simply skimming the surface, but helping put together the pieces and tracking my progress. Always in progress.

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Moon Sign: Leo

Ascendant: Aries

Meyers Briggs: INFJ

Natal Mercury: Aquarius

Stone: Amethyst

Herbal Flower: Violet

Blood Type: O+