About Me

Aquarius, outspoken introvert. You’ll never meet anyone who cares more. I’m deeply committed to the path of spiritual consciousness and love to feed my spirit with the esoteric arts. I have an incredible amount of passion for helping those who are ready listen more deeply to their inner wisdom and let the energy reach them in a whole new way.

Artist, mother, healer, researcher and general Jaclyn of all trades. My passion lies with the outliers, the details, the mundane magic of everyday. I offer in-depth tarot guidance through the use of the 72 card tarot deck, containing archetypes meant to guide you on your path. You’ll go down your path anyways, this just helps illuminate a bit for you.

My readings are compassionate, considerate and thoughtful. I use different decks for different questions and personalized guidance. I also offer natal chart analysis and how to better understand your soul’s purpose on this planet.

I began reading tarot at the tender age of 13. Drawn to black cats, Llewelyn books, Edgar Allen Poe, Greek Mythology and symbology, it was only natural that I’d start to understand the tarot as a set of stories. I’d visit my older sister in Los Angeles in her pre-war building and we’d light candles, shuffle cards and talk about things like energy and rising signs.

Since then I’ve honed my skills reading for friends, family and strangers all over the world. As well as tarot, I enjoy painting, drawing, sculpting, reading, helping create rituals, clearing negative energy and more. I live with my partner and our two children in Nashville, Tennessee. The south is perfect for stirring the spirit!

Michelle Rivera